Land Surveyor
Since 2008, Brandon King Land Surveying has been among the most trusted sources for land surveying in Western Wisconsin and beyond. We know that a lot is at stake with each survey we conduct, which is why we always take our job very seriously and put in the time and effort such tasks require. Here is a closer look at the different land surveying services and types of land surveys the team at Brandon King Land Surveying can assist you with:

Subdivide Land

Whether you are in need of a parcel split for tax reasons or have another motivation, we can assist with thorough and high precise parcel split services.

Certified Survey Maps

If you want a definitive and accurate guide to your property, the team at Brandon King Land Surveying is here to help with exhaustive certified survey mapping services.

Topographic Surveys

You will have a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of your property than ever before with the help of our land surveying service in Western Wisconsin.


 If things have changed in your community or on your property, you might be in need of a new survey to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. We are happy to provide this additional survey for you.

ALTA Surveys

With our American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys, you will never again experience a dispute regarding boundaries, rights of way and other related concerns on your property.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Put your property or community on the map—literally! Navigating your area becomes easier and more precise than ever with our GPS services.

Land Surveyor in Western Wisconsin Counties

BK Land Surveying provides the best in land surveying for land subdivision, survey maps certification, topographic surveys, re-surveying, ALTA surveys, and global positioning systems.
  • Pierce County, WI

  • Dunn County, WI

  • Pepin County, WI

  • St. Croix County, WI

  • Eau Claire County, WI

  • Chippewa County, WI

  • Barron County, WI

  • Rusk County, WI

  • Polk County, WI

Whatever land surveying service you hire us for, you can count on Brandon King Land Surveying for professionalism, accuracy and precision. For more information, please give our team a call anytime at 715-639-5243, or visit our Contact Us page.


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