Elevation Surveying
For nearly a decade now, Brandon King Land Surveying has been providing accurate, reliable and effective elevation surveying in Western Wisconsin. We are proud to offer a service that directly affects so many people in our community, and we work hard to ensure our results are always trustworthy. Here is a closer look at our elevation surveying services and qualifications:

LOMA & Elevation Surveys

Did you know that the amount you pay for flood insurance—or whether you pay any flood insurance at all—could be greatly affected by where you live, and the topographical characteristics of your property? For example, a Letter of Map Amendment, or LOMA, is a document excluding you from needing flood insurance. The team here at Brandon King Land Surveying is proud to specialize in LOMA surveys—as well as general elevation surveys—to help determine the elevation and flood risk of your property. We are proud to be an experienced, accurate and respected name in this field.

Elevation Surveying

With something as important as determining the elevation of your property (not to mention possibly saving you hundreds of dollars each year), you need to be sure that your elevation surveying service in Western Wisconsin is worth hiring. Brandon King Land Surveying’s qualifications include being in business since 2008 and having over 20 years of experience in the field. We are also a proud local, family-owned and operated business fully licensed to serve customers in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. Finally, we’re proud to be members of the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors.

Elevation Surveyor in Western Wisconsin Counties

BK Land Surveying provides the best in LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) elevation surveys and property elevation surveying.
  • Pierce County, WI

  • Dunn County, WI

  • Pepin County, WI

  • St. Croix County, WI

  • Eau Claire County, WI

  • Chippewa County, WI

  • Barron County, WI

  • Rusk County, WI

  • Polk County, WI

If you are interested in possibly receiving a LOMA survey, or in knowing the elevation of your property, please reach out to Brandon King Land Surveying today. You can get in touch by calling us at 715-639-5243, or by visiting our Contact Us page.


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